Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome!!!! First Entry

Welcome to my personal finance blog
I have decided to start a personal finance blog. I read a few different financial blogs and have been inspired. In a world where talking about finance is so taboo it is such a relief to see blogs where real people share their financial challenges and goals. I love talking to people about money and frankly don’t get enough opportunities to discuss personal finance. So here is my chance. I also noticed that the financial bloggers seem so focused on their goals. The saying, “be careful what you write down because it might come true,” should be changed to “be careful what you blog...”

Creating this blog is my way of keeping on track for my short term and long term financial goals. About 8 years ago I wrote down on a piece of paper that I wanted to have a net worth of $100K by the time I was 30. At the time I had about $8K to my name…I beat that goal by 6 months. I often wonder what would have happened if I wrote down a bigger number.

My long term goal is to have a net worth (including my primary residence) of one million dollars by the time I turn 40. I’m hoping to beat this goal.

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