Saturday, February 2, 2008

Monthly Update for January 2008

Networth increase of $974.00 to $182,982 Tough month for the networth. Details on NetWorth IQ. With a "normal" stock market climate it would have been a huge month for me. The stock market tank has really impacted my retirement and brokerage account balances. However, on a very positive note, my cash increase has gone up by $4,046 dollars for the month. This is huge!! I am still trying to get my cash account back to the $45K or higher range. Right now it is sitting at $35K. So you can see that if the stock market had gained even moderate numbers or stayed even for the month my increase could have been $5-6K...oh well. I fugure the market will come back and I will make up the networth numbers on the back end...i.e. whenever the stock market comes back.
Highlights for the month

  • We finished paying off the HVAC unit for the townhouse.
  • Extra income from travel reimbursement
  • I spent my last day at my current position at work. On Monday I will be moving to a new sector within my company.
  • Two chairs were purchased for the livingroom at Ikea..$100/chair.
  • Awaiting an estimate for updating all three of the bathrooms in our townhouse. We will have to prioritize some of this work depending upon what the quote comes in at. We have $1000 from the family to help chip in. Much appreciated...This money is not reflected in my net worth. Check is literally sitting on the dining room table (I think).
  • I spent $158 dollars on new clothes for my new position at work. I rarely buy clothes for myself, but the ones I have are very nice. I usually only buy clothes on sale. I got all items on 50% off...not too bad.

Overall, I feel like I am on track... I am really focused on the cash...If only I could get more comfortable with the amount of cash I have on hand for emergencies I would then feel more comfortable in tryng to max out retirement accounts...I am hoping that $45-$55K is the magic number for me. I have looked at many other people who post their networh and the size of cash on hand seems to very. I will keep plugging away and do the best I can.